Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boom Boom Room

While the name inspires seedy images of 70's-disco-esque night clubs, Houston’s version of the Boom Boom Room comes across as subdued cool. I met a friend for a quick catch-up session and we were immediately struck by the unique fixtures, roomy space, and comfy seating. However, we were the only people there. Only people. Which. Was. Weird.

On to the food. Boom Boom Room concentrates on paninis, which they offer in a wide variety. Since it is physically impossible for me to say no to brie, I had the turkey, avocado, and brie sammich, but the seared tuna sounded wonderful, as did the braised beef with caramelized onions. My panini arrived perfectly warm and perfectly cooked, with melty cheese and a light crunch. And the sandwich was LARGE. Plenty of food, though it also came with a side of veggie chips.

Afterwards we split the aptly named Crack Brownie. What they refer to as “crack” is better known as a layer of heath bar sandwiched between layers of brownie. It comes warm and is worth every penny.

Overall, Boom Boom Room is a fantastic place for a low-key dinner with friends. They also have fun drinks, a fabulous wine list, and a regular band every Saturday, making it a super weekend venue, too.

Boom Boom Room - 2518 Yale Street


Leigh Anne Rayburn said...

Oh god, that sammich sounds incredible.

Unrelatedly, have you been to Taconmadre? (Yeah, I spelled that right.) If not, I call dibs on taking you.

Genie said...

I've never been there for dinner-- only for drinks afterwards.

Oh, my. I'm going to have to visit your site regularly for food options. :)