Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I’m a pretty healthy eater and struggle at times to find a good salad in town. Fortunately we now have Bowl, a small create-your-own-salad joint new to Richmond Avenue near midtown.

How it works: As you walk in, pick up an order form from the front counter. The form features an extensive list of possible salad ingredients and dressings. You choose your greens, check off the toppings you’d like, pick a dressing, and then pass your order to a server. Minutes later your custom salad arrives.

- 10 toppings, one cheese, and one dressing is $7
- 15 toppings, one cheese, and one dressing is $10
- Add a protein (herb chicken, beef tender, shrimp) for $2

Salads are neither too big nor too small, contain fresh ingredients, and arrive promptly. I love a lot of “stuff” in my salad, so the extensive topping list was key. However, the champagne vinaigrette tasted like straight oil. Blech! Next time I’ll try the lemon tarragon.

Not an herbivore? Bowl also features a mouth-watering list of sandwiches. I went back for the El Capitan, a delicious mix of prosciutto, brie, basil, and a honey drizzle. Tasty delight! The pulled pork with thai coleslaw and pistachio chicken salad sandwiches also piqued my interest.

While the location is a bit no-man’s-land-ish, and it’s only open M-F for lunch, Bowl serves a great niche in town, and I’ll definitely be back.

Bowl – 607 Richmond


Food Princess said...

Or you could come by at lunch like I did yesterday and they were closed. No sign of anything but two while canopies and some tables that said Red Bull. I was very disappointed, as I brought some friends with me to try the restaurant out. I called on the telephone and the recording said they were open.

Ruthie J. said...

Pffft! Not good ROI on the business dollar there, Bowl... Their hours are kind of jerky. Must I always rely on the salad bar at Central Market? It tastes so much better when SOMEONE ELSE makes it.