Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guadalajara Bakery and Tacos

The Houston Chowhounds recently ranted and raved about this place: Raved about the to-die-for tacos, and ranted about its impending closure to make way for [shudder] more condos on the Washington corridor. Since it’s scheduled to close in August, I figured I’d better get over to Guadalajara Bakery and Tacos with haste.

“Tacos? How many?” she asks as we walk in the door. “Um, four,” we reply, wondering to ourselves if we would get to pick what goes inside. This, we soon learn, is when they begin making our tortillas. EPIC. It takes a few minutes, which is fine because it gives us a chance to look over the steam table wherein lie the taco fillings: refried beans, scrambled egg with chorizo, barbacoa, picadillo (ground beef with potatoes), chicharrones (cooked pork skins) with chilies, and more. I love this place already.

Sweet goodness, the tortillas arrive and they are the most beautiful disks I’ve ever seen. Maybe that’s my stomach speaking. OK, I go with one chicharron (with beans) and one barbacoa. We amble to a canary-colored table, and my mouth waters as I wait for my friend Jaime to snap a photo of our gorgeous tacos. With one bite my love for this joint doubles. I’m no expert on chicharrones, but this is the best I’ve had; the beautifully spongy rind melts all too quickly in my mouth, leaving me only a *spicy* memory of its goodness. Was it a dream? Ahhh, I still have one taco left. Against all odds, the barbacoa one is even more impressive; the meat is slow roasted nightly, and I can’t recall ever having a better taco. And the green sauce? I could eat it with a soup spoon. Rumor has it that the proprietress turned down a $10k offer to give up the sauce’s secret family recipe.

We leave vowing to stage a sit-in protest of its closing.

Guadalajara Bakery and Tacos – 4003 Washington (near Yale)

Check out these *killer* pics from Jaime of Casa de Camera!


neverfull said...

thanks for the review ruthie. now that i'm done with this fast, i look forward to many lunch adventures with you.

Anonymous said...

Great review and great pictures, too! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, especially the chicharrones. It's just so upsetting to see it go after so many good years..... :(

Prodika SIG said...

Just got word from my cousin that they are extending the lease for one more year....woo hooo.....tacos til Aug 2009!!!!

Ruthie J. said...

Best. News. Ever. THANKS!!