Thursday, August 14, 2008

Glass Wall

Due to a last-minute dental problem I had to bail on Wednesday’s Chowhound dinner at VOICE [sad puppy]. Rather than wallow in self-pity the *entire* night, I waited for the anesthesia to wear off and went in search of food.

Situated just two blocks from my home, Glass Wall was clearly the lazy choice. And I had yet to try it, so at least it had that going for it. Gingerly I picked up the phone to see if it was possible to a) get the HRW menu, b) at the bar, c) by myself, and d) in gym clothes, and to my delight, they welcomed me with open arms.

The first course was a wonderful salmon bisque – not overly salmony, like many iterations, and with just the right amount of cream. The second course was the jalapeno-potato-chip-crusted chicken fried steak from the regular menu. Now I haven’t had a chicken fried steak since, um, middle school, and really have no business judging one, but this one was good enough, with just the right amount of heat. Add the mashed potatoes and gravy, and you have the dude-food trifecta. Sigh.

Alongside my dinner came a glass of rose, and while I never choose to order rose wines, this one was nice. My server mentioned they were trying to make sure the meal was a good value for the $35… Amen, brother!

Dessert was the white chocolate and raspberry bread pudding. Though it was fantastically over rich, I got half of it down before crying uncle.

The Good: The salmon bisque and the included glass of wine.
The Bad: Zero choice in menu items.
The Ugly: There’s a huge glass wall in the center of the dining room that says GLASS WALL in 18-inch letters. Really?

Would I go back to Glass Wall? Meh. Am I glad I went last night? 100%.

Glass Wall – 933 Studewood (in the Heights)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that they were welcoming and accomodating. That makes me happy. And I'm just as happy that even though you weren't able to make it to VOICE, you got out there and tried a restaurant anyway! Go Ruthie! :)

The enormous glass wall cracks me up, though. I want to go one day just to see it for myself.