Sunday, September 7, 2008

Farmers Market Delight

Good news, locavores! There’s a new farmers market in town: The Montrose farmers market located on Westheimer in the La Strada parking lot. Cash in hand, I wandered over yesterday around 10:30, brazenly late for farmers market junkies, but right on time for sleep-deprived teachers.

While the market is still small, I was ecstatic to see more fresh produce stands out there – potatoes, tomatoes, squash, broccoli, mushrooms, and more. Don’t get me wrong – the prepared food and sundries are great – but I was glad to see a more equal ratio here. Fruit, veggies, soup mixes, honey, fresh soaps, baked goods, and more. The best part? The $2 vanilla-pluot lemonade I sipped while I strolled, browsed, and chatted. Booths inside La Strada featured the prepared foods: Quiches, breads, amazing scones, and the ubiquitous Indian food booth (where I procured several lunches for next week).

Afterwards I headed over to the Midtown farmers market at t’afia. Too bad the large box of persimmons had been picked over by the time I arrived. I breezed through quickly, and then found myself tempted by an Egg McMonica… A petit omelet with thin-sliced Niman Ranch ham atop a homemade biscuit, aptly named after t’afia’s queen bee – and local food icon – Monica Pope. Mmmm!

With the weather starting to cool down (fingers crossed…?), a farmers market trip is a great way to kick off your Saturday. The Houston markets, while generally tiny, are refreshingly down to earth. Here’s to their growth and prosperity!

Montrose Farmers Market - 322 Westheimer (at La Strada)
Midtown Farmers Market - 3701 Travis (at t’afia)

Local produce at the Montrose farmers market

Sip-n-stroll with a vanilla-pluot lemonade

The EggMcMonica breakfast sandwich at the Midtown farmers market

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Jody said...

awesome - thanks for the tip. Got so used to all the fantastic farmer's markets in SoCal...good to know we have 'em here in H-town now!!!