Monday, September 15, 2008

Sawdust Pie

Greetings from Brenham, Texas! I’m currently seeking refuge (read: power) from the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Historic downtown Brenham is super cute and fun to explore, and yesterday we had lunch at a gem of a place called Must Be Heaven. The sandwiches there were great, but what *really* caught my eye was this sign:

Hmmm… Sawdust Pie, you say? I couldn’t resist. Originally from Kentucky, Sawdust pie is named for its ingredients (graham crackers, pecans, and coconut), which resemble gritty shavings pre-baking. Add sliced bananas and whipped topping, and the result is a light-rock symphony for your mouth. Not overly sweet; just smooth goodness.

They’re not too common ‘round these parts, but if ya happen to see one, I wouldn’t pass it up.


Leigh Anne Rayburn said...

I love to make pie. Find me a recipe, Johnson!

Genie said...

Wow! Looks delish.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this description: "a light-rock symphony for your mouth"

LOL!!! :)