Sunday, October 5, 2008

Christian's Tailgate

I had heard much about the burger at Christian’s Tailgate, so when I found myself in Midtown last night, I jumped at the chance to pop in for a taste.

Christian’s Tailgate is a bar by trade, and in that sense alone, it’s nothing to write home about. It’s full of frat boys and TVs, and while I do enjoy both frat boys and TVs [sigh], there are better options, especially in midtown.

But the burger is something special. Anchored by a juicy patty on a toasted bun, the burger itself is sturdy – not too big, but not a skinny mess either. Veggies were fresh and plentiful, but the real gold star was the cheese: mild, melty, and magnificent. Unlike many burger joints, Christian’s doesn’t skimp. I didn’t find myself with too much bun and not enough burger, I didn’t have to pull out the magnifying glass to locate the tomatoes, and I didn’t have to scream about paying extra for a mere half-ounce of cheese.

Nope, I give it the Goldilocks stamp of “just right.”

Christian’s Tailgate - 2000 Bagby (in Midtown)

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ChefAltieri said...

ians Totem on Washington is way better.