Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cupcakes from a Tea House?

The Chronicle claims that the best cupcake in Houston comes from a tiny tea house called The Path of Tea in a strip center on W. Alabama.

Cupcakes. From a tea house. Oh, come on. Cupcakes are loud!! Energetic!! And colorful!!! Tea houses are calm. Zen. And serene. The two just don’t mix.

Perplexed, I stopped by the Path of Tea on my way home tonight. The place itself is cozy and crowded, yet calm. Your basic tea house. The cupcake collection is modest, located by the front register and encased entirely on a single cake plate. Would I like a chocolate chai cupcake with chai tea icing, a lemon cupcake filled with fresh lemon curd, or a spice cupcake with buttercream and pecans?

I went with the chocolate chai… and thank goodness, for I was hooked with one bite. The cake is moist and spongy, and the icing was rich with just a slight hint of chai. Sweet, but not sugary. True love. At $2.50 per, these puppies are better and cheaper than those of the big name bakeries.

Zen cupcakes? I’m in.

Path of Tea - 2340 West Alabama


The Gould Family said...

I can tell you that worst and most over-priced cupcake in town is at Whole Foods. We paid $3.99 a pop last week for the two worst cupcakes in the world. I think there was coffee flavor in the icing. It tasted like death.

Genie said...

Have you tried the Cookie Jar? Mmmm...their cupcakes definitely taste home-baked.

eb said...

I can't wait to try one of those.