Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soup Dumplings a Go Go

Jenny Never Full organized a kickin’ cookin’ class for we wee chefs to learn the fine art of Chinese soup dumplings. Soup dumplings are delicate and delicious steamed pockets of meat and soup... and I always wondered how they get the soup inside the dumpling. Now I know, thanks to world-renowned Chef Sonny.

Start with medium- to high-gluten flour, available at Asian markets. Mix slowly with water to form a tacky dough. Knead the dough well and form into a log, then slice into coin-shaped bits. Sprinkle with flour, then roll each bit into a circle that’s thin around the edges and slightly thicker in the center.

Top each round with a mixture of lean pork, spring onion, and aspic. Pinch the ends, steam for ten minutes, and voila! Warm, doughy, soupy perfection.

So how does the soup get in there? The soup is created by the aspic -- or meat gelatin -- inside the dumpling. The heat from the steam melts the gelatin into soup. Mmmmm!

Want the recipe?

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plinio said...

hey ruthie!
i knew you were coming tonight and was looking forward to it. unfortunately the reservation was not under your name and we didnt know if you came or not!

i was preparing a very special dessert tasting for you.

thanks for the positive comments, it really means alot.

come back, i'll have that tasting ready to go