Tuesday, November 11, 2008

100% Taquito

I resisted 100% Taquito for ages, purely based on the fact that I thought it had a lame name (Right??). But after hearing rave after rave, I finally succumbed, and glad I did. For a kitschy little place in a strip mall on 59, this place has damn good tacos.

Authentic tacos, too – soft, achingly warm tortillas, filled with meat and topped with nothing but onion and cilantro. I *love* the grilled shrimp tacos, but my favorite has to be the tacos al pastor. The pork spends hours marinating in ancho chile, guajillo chile, and sour orange, and they add grilled pineapple just before serving.

This is pure Mex -- not Tex-Mex -- which helps justify the “100%” in the name, I suppose. Regardless, 100% Taquito is cheap, easy, and good. Arriba!

100% Taquito - 3245 Southwest Fwy (near Buffalo Speedway)


Peggy said...

Thanks for that Ruthie! I've been wondering whether this taco place was worth visiting. That's put it on my list to try.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, J.W. & I tried it earlier this summer and though the mole was not earth shattering, I found it a pleasant surprise and worthy of a return trip. So close to the Regal cinema too.

Genie said...

You should also try their aguas and the delicious tres leches (my college roommate liked it so much that she had it as her wedding cake!)

Ruthie J. said...

Ohhh, thanks for the tip, G! Tres Leches is definitely a favorite of mine.