Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kim Tai

Jessica and I ventured over to Kim Tai the other night in search of the highly touted duck noodle soup. But the sign that greeted us at 2602 Fannin didn’t say KIM TAI. It said:

Huh. We scratched our heads and looked around, but there is -- literally -- nothing else around. So we did what any normal Chowhound would do, and went inside... where we saw this:

Turns out Luong Ky Mi was the original name of the restaurant. While it has been known as Kim Tai for 26 years, the business permit still boasts its original name, so the sign, too, must bear it. There was an additional sign, one for Kim Tai, but chalk that up to Hurricane Ike. Oh well.

Now satisfied with our explanation, we turned to food. Jessica and I split the fried rice cake appetizer, and then each had the duck noodle soup as mains.

The fried rice cake was unlike anything I’ve had... I assumed that the dish would be individual rice grains, fried in the style of the Chinese classic, but it turned out to be rice flour, cooked in a dumpling-like form, scrambled with egg and scallions. It looks like a Vietna-mess, but it’s satisfyingly slippery and delightfully delicious. Mmmm!

The duck noodle soup arrived with half a duck atop a savory broth. While the broth, itself, was waaaaay too salty for me, the duck melted off the bone, moist and rich. It was at this point we learned that Kim, the proprietress, makes everything in house daily. She is hostess, cook, and server simultaneously, but she is also highly efficient and sweetly outgoing.

I was too full to even consider dessert, but you *know* next time I’m getting one of these. Who’s with me?!

Kim Tai - 2602 Fannin (at McGowin)


Brian Christopher said...

yummy !

The Gould Family said...

I'm with you. I love snow cones.

Food Princess said...

I tried to go on Sunday morning and they were not open at 11:15 a.m. Darn it - maybe I'll get to try that duck soup and rice cake soon.