Monday, November 24, 2008

Kraftsmen Baking

Kraftsmen has quietly become the go-to place for artisan bread in Houston, supplying an astounding number of restaurants with their fresh baked goodness daily. Whether you know it or not, you’ve had their bread, and if you haven’t been to the retail space, well, you’re missing out on a local treat.

Nestled in an ivy-covered storefront on Montrose (next door to the Black Lab), Kraftsmen offers sandwiches on their own fresh bread, plus unique salads, fabulous soups, homemade pastries, and fair trade coffee. Breakfast, lunch, and early dinner. Seven days a week.

Sound ordinary? It’s not. My turkey and brie sandwich also featured avocado and bacon. Amanda’s turkey sandwich was filled with provolone, alfalfa sprouts, green apple slices, and apple butter. The tomato-basil soup was divine, smooth with and extra bit of basil and just the right amount of cream. In fact, everything on the menu seems to have a touch of flair.

Kraftsmen uses local ingredients when possible, and everything is natural. It’s cozy and cute, and it has free Internet. Don’t forget to pick up a loaf of bread, a peppermint latte, or a gigantic peanut butter cookie on your way out. You’ll be glad ya did.

Kraftsmen Baking – 4100 Montrose at West Main

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Leigh Anne Rayburn said...

You had me up until peanut butter cookie. But I do like this place -very quaint.