Friday, November 14, 2008

They’re here! They’re here!

Satsuma mandarins are finally here! Satsumas are sweet, delicate, seedless little yummies, akin to the clementine, and they are the fruit highlight of my year. I like fruit, but I looooove Satsuma mandarins. In addition to a dynamite flavor, their loose skin makes them easy to peel, and they have *much* less pith than other citrus fruits.

Satsumas are typically only available in November and December, which quickly become the two months I am least likely to catch scurvy.



Food Princess said...

I have been eating them for several weeks now and they are my fav too! I get them at the Bayou City Farmer's Market, at my friend Ray's booth, "Garden of Eden", two booths to the left of Katz's. He also has fantastic arugula.

James said...

Mmmmm, pith...