Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Look What’s Lurking Around the Corner... VD!

I will refrain calling this post “Valentine’s Day for Dummies” because 1) that would be fairly banal on my part, and 2) I’m a dummy in that area, myself. However, the main point, here, is that Valentine’s Day is one month from today... and it’s on a Saturday. That means getting a reservation anywhere will be damn-near-impossible. Consider this an official heads-up.

Looking to impress? If it’s a fun and fancy dinner you’re looking for, best to lower your expectations now. I hate the pressures (for restaurants and patrons alike) that go along with the day. However, the ever-fabulous Textile is accepting reservations for the big day, and I think Divino is another ideal spot. You can always do as my sister does and celebrate the day before.

Or try something lower-key... Go for a lap at Memorial Park and then dine at the Beck’s Prime right there. Grab a glass of wine at Oporto Cafe before a movie. Order a Bada Bing from Pink’s Pizza. Go ice skating at the new Discovery Green and then grab a late lunch at The Grove. Sign up for the afternoon Chocolate Desserts cooking class at Central Market -- or for the Couples Cook class that night.

And you could always host a progressive take-out meal of personal favorites... Mine would be something like spring rolls from Les Givral’s, cheese soup from The Black Lab, a green papaya salad from Nidda Thai, macaroni and cheese from t’afia, and Tres Leches from La Guadalupana. Does it have any kind of flow, overlap, or consistency? Nope, none. But who cares -- I get all my favorite stuff!



BusterFrito said...

Thanks for this. I was wanting to try something new on V-day. The problem with living in Houston is that there are so many great places to eat. Have you tried La Vista on Fountain View?

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Becca said...

Memorial Park and Beck's for Valentine's Day, such a great idea! I also want to try out this Pink's pizza place!

Ruthie J. said...

- Buster, have not been to La Vista yet, but thanks for the rec!
- Becca, Pink's is RAD and my favorite pizza in the city. Except for Dolce Vita. They just opened a new location on West Gray, too.