Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shandy’s Café

Tucked into a strip center between a gas station and a Spec’s sits Shandy’s, a comfy, cozy café near Memorial Park. The place is tiny and parking is semi-scarce, but don’t let that scare you away... It may not look like much, but Shandy’s is an absolute jewel.

Shandy, herself, does much of the serving, and she’s a pistol. She runs the place with an iron fist and stern eye, cranking out orders with efficiency and flair. For those of you who worship at the house of bacon, you’ll find no better BLT in Houston. Served warm on whole wheat toast, this version features chipotle mayo to spice up the crispy bacon, sheets of lettuce, and fresh tomatoes. I’ve sampled my way through much of the menu, but the BLT is a beacon, forever guiding me into its arms of potable joy.

Burgers are plump, juicy, and made to order, and the fries are beautifully crisp. The chicken salad sandwich, served on warm Ciabatta bread, is a lover; try it with the uniquely Shandy side of roasted artichokes and cherry tomatoes.

The menu is varied: Tarts, salads, hummus, and pasta. And the only major flaw I can find is that the dang place is closed on Sundays.


Shandy’s Café - 5814 Memorial Drive (near Westcott)


Knavish Kevin said...

mmm. burgers. time to eat lunch.

Houston Mexican Restaurant said...

Good looking page. Made me hungry.