Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventuring Out: Vietnamese

Last month we took several students from our rad charter school to try Indian food for the first time. It wasn’t a required trip, but anyone who wanted to branch out and try new things was welcome to join us. Results were great; the nine students that came along thoroughly enjoyed the new experience, and many more let us know that they were interested. So now we’re expanding our stomachs and our comfort zones monthly. Hizzah!

This month we tackled Vietnamese, partially because it’s something “crazy” and different, and partially because it’s my favorite (I’m selfish. Sue me). SEVENTEEN brave teenage souls joined us at Pho Saigon on Fuqua for soup, supp, and spring rolls. Again we gave them a primer on the cultural basics, and then we let them have at it...

And have at it, they did. Most students ordered vermicelli noodle bowls, making valiant attempts at the slippery noodles with inexperienced chopsticks. Others chose rice bowls, preferring something a little closer to home. They watched with rapt fascination as I added basil, lime, sprouts, and plum sauce to my steaming bowl of pho. And by decree, everyone tried a spring or imperial roll.

The kids soaked up the adventure, guessing to what extent they’d be willing to branch. Most expressed shock at the new and unique range of textures and flavor. The truly daring ones ordered crazy desserts, tapioca drinks, and durian smoothies. The less adventurous packed their leftovers to take home for mom. The atmosphere was fun, festive, and totally hilarious.

Next up was supposed to be Greek. But I’d like to do something totally off the wall... like Ethiopian! Only we’re a little constricted by our location. Any ideas for a crazy cuisine off I-45, south of Hobby Airport? :)


jess said...

Awesome! I'm glad to hear so many of your students decided to go! So did anyone enjoy the durian smoothie?? I love durian! My sister, on the other hand, can't stand it. It's really personal preference on that one, I suppose.

Daniela Estrella said...

Commenting again.(if that is a word)

Thanks again for taking us. I know I had a blast. I really enjoyed the spring rolls with the peanut sauce. It reminded me of home. I liked that place so much I told my parents and we went the following Sunday. Can't wait till next time!

Ruthie J. said...

- Jess, one gal *loved* the smoothie! Most of the others were fairly neutral on it.
- Oh Daniela, you win the gold star! As a card-carrying member of the branching-outing club, you *must* go with us on the next trip :)

Genie said...
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cb said...

It's nice that you bring your kiddos out to try different places. FUN and delicious! :-)

It's sooo amazing how many kids haven't tried different types of food.