Friday, February 20, 2009

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

On Sunday night we food-ventured to Sugar Land to try the brand new Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Grimaldi’s has already won rave reviews as the city's lone coal brick-oven pizzeria (read: New York style). I didn’t know that there could be a lone anything in this sprawling metrolpolis, so my interest...? Was piqued.

Nestled into the First Colony Mall just off the Southwest Freeway, Grimaldi’s is an open and inviting space. The menu is somewhat limited – you simply choose your sauce (traditional red or garlicky white), and then the toppings. We chose a traditional pizza with sliced tomato, mushrooms, and pesto, plus a white pizza with sausage and mushroom. The pizzas arrived in good order, and we got to work.

What really set Grimaldi’s apart, to us, were the sauces. The red sauce teemed with pure, unadulterated tomato flavor. Smooth and delicious. Like it went straight from the vine to the oven. The garlicky white sauce had just as much flavor, if not more. Defying the odds, I liked it best. The cheese, too, is top notch; the crust is thin, yet sturdy, and grilled to a perfect crispness.

Grimaldi’s serves a great pizza, plain and simple. However, while I’m happy to have sampled, I’m not sure that I’d trek to Sugar Land for it again, as I’m still enamored of the much closer options at Dolce Vita and Pink’s. Is it worth the trip? Sure. But just once.

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