Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mexican Coke: The *Real* Thing?

Much to my detriment, I love Mexican soda. And since I teach at a school that’s 95% Hispanic, I have ample opportunity to try new flavors and types. The obsession began with Mexican Coke, but has branched into Jarritos and Joyas, and whatever out-of-the-ordinary my students can find. Yes, they certainly love to take advantage of my obsession, leaving me occasional treasures in the distinct form of that old-fashioned glass bottle. I love it, but am wary of drinking too much, as I’ve been warned about the sheer amount of sugar.

Today’s Chronicle features an article about the rise in popularity of Mexican Coke in America. Turns out, the sugar-laden Mexican version may actually be the “healthy” choice, since its ingredients are more natural.

That’s right, natural. Mexican soda is made with the pure and holistic cane sugar, while the American version is made with the superficial and manufactured high-fructose corn syrup. Never mind that the amount of sugar in Mexican soda is enough to overgorge every ant bed in Houston... ahem, Texas. It’s nat-ur-al. Say it with me.

All health issues aside, Mexican Coke flat out tastes better. And while I don’t drink soda of any kind with regularity, when I do get a craving, I can now confidently sate my thirst with an almost-all-natural refresco de Mejico. Que buena!

Now. Look what’s waiting for me on the other side of that mound-o-grading. [swoon!]


Genie said...

African coke- same deal. It uses real sugar, not the manufactured sweet stuff. :)

Leigh Anne Rayburn said...

Ok, I'm going to need a sip of that at some point.

I promise, just a sip.

eb said...

My Pepsi loving spouse discovered Mexican Pepsi some years ago at the now defunct Cafe Artiste. One taste and she was a fan for life. We have since found it at the farmer's market on Airline.

Catalina's on Washington uses Mexican Coke in their Coke floats. Yum.

CokeDude said...

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