Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Tokyo Sushi

Last week I got my sushi groove on at Little Tokyo in Pearland. Among the 300+ rolls on the menu were the delicious Mango Roll (below, center) and a Cajun Roll made with spicy softshell crawfish. Mmmm, mmmm good. Each roll was massive and beautifully presented, and while I’m not a fan of adding bunches of oddball ingredients, this place has something for even the most finicky of Picky Patties. A tasty evening indeed.

I am still prowling for the best and most perfectestest sushi place in Houston, though. I can’t seem to wrap my heart (or my loyalty) around any of them. Thoughts?

Little Tokyo - 8201 W. Broadway (in Pearland)


neverfull said...

ruthie, it's really hard to judge sushi quality based on sushi rolls. most sushi restaurants use fish trimmings (the stuff they would never serve as sashimi or nigiri) in their rolls. check out teppay. i also want to revisit sushi jin at night and do the omakase. perhaps we should go together :)

Ruthie Johnson said...

Dying to do omakase and spent a bit of time today looking up Sushi Jin, Kubo's, and Teppay. Can you go next week? When do you start your new adventure?

neverfull said...

would love to. will email you back and take this convo offline.

Sunny said...

kaneyama on westheimer