Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vinoteca Poscol

The venerable Marco Wiles (of Da Marco and Dolce Vita fame) expands his repertoire with newcomer Poscol, a casual wine bar serving small plates and pastas, cheeses, and house-cured salumi. The space that once held the Montrose Café is airy and fresh, welcoming, and decidedly unfussy. Hooray!

Not surprisingly, the menu features unique combinations, preparations, and Italian libations. Fried spaghetti, for example, offers an interesting texture and wonderful flavor, especially when topped with the tremendously awesome, semi-sweet, chunky delight of a tomato sauce served alongside.

The favorite of the night was the valpolicella risotto made with chicken, beef, and veal stocks. We scraped up every bite of this creamy goodness and considered ordering more. A close second was the beet and chickpea salad en papillote. The soft, fresh beets paired perfectly with the crispy chickpeas, and the warmed goat cheese was almost like a sauce. Skip the bruschette, but do try the distinctive Italian sandwiches -- like the one we tried with asparagus and egg.

I won’t claim to know a whole ton about Italian wines. OK, fine, I know next to nothing about them. But the selection is nice. Or if soda’s more your style, you’ve got your choice of RC Cola, Diet Rite, Squirt, and Big Red. For reals!

What’s not to like about this fun and fresh new place? Not much. I filled my belly with a nice amount of delicious vitals and a glass of prosecco, and was out the door in $25. Jackpot!

Vinoteca Poscol - 1609 Westheimer (at Mandell)


eno_thierry81 said...

The dish you described as Beets and Chickpea Salad is really called, "beets, hazelnuts and capra in cartaccio". The beets, hazelnuts and goat cheese are baked and served in a paperbag.

Ruthie Johnson said...

Hazelnuts... blast! I knew something didn't seem quite right there. Thanks for the correction.

Jessica said...

we ate at poscol last night. we didn't really care for the fried spaghetti... was a little to eggy for us. i believe we had the same risotto as you - it was made with red wine and reggiano and actually looked like a plate of refried beans - it was by far everyone's favorite dish. also had calarmari - ok and spicy lamb terrine - one of the specials. this was great. enjoyed a meat and cheese plate too.

Anonymous said...

Would a restaurant lose a future customer over a sample of salumi? At Vinoteca Poscol, the answer is apparently yes!

I had ordered a Salumi plate of 5 meats for $ was very good. The waiter asked how it was and explained the other offerings, one of which interested me. Since I had already eaten the 5, I asked for a small sample (just a bite) of one that I might try on a future visit. The answer came back from "no"!

Okay, we ate our entrées of Roast Suckling Pig, which was excellent.

We called the manager to the table after we settled up and explained the situation. Her response was that's our "policy"! I find it hard to believe that Marco Wiles, himself, would have given the same response.

Despite how good the meal was, it will be along tie before we return to Poscol!

Chef Gary

Blogger said...

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