Monday, May 11, 2009

Adventuring Out: Thai

Last week was our final Ethnic Night with the YES Prep sophomores. After previous trips to get Indian, Vietnamese, Greek, and Cajun food, Thursday found us at a Thai restaurant near campus. We took eleven students with us -- all experienced brancher-outers, ready to learn a new cuisine in the best way possible: family style, suckas!

Spring rolls set the tone for the evening, leaving everyone enamored of the flavorific peanut sauce. Then, oddly and interestingly enough, most students chose to skip the Pad Thai in favor of more authentic dishes like Pad Se Ew, Duck Curry, and Tom Yum. They were fascinated by the glutinous consistency of the thick rice noodles, the sweet heat in the brothy soup, and the new range of foreign spices in every single dish.

As always, the kiddos loved trying the various different drinks and desserts. Thai iced tea and Thai sodas were a huge hit, as were the fried ice cream and mango sticky rice. Mmmm, my fave!

All in all, Foodventure nights were a raging success. Nearly fifty different students joined us for at least one dinner. Three students joined us for all five. And twenty or so made it to at least three ethnic evenings. Ask them which was their favorite, and you’ll get a range of adamant answers and supporting evidence. Perhaps the biggest indicator of success, though, is the reaction of the junior class: “That’s not fair -- we didn’t get to do that last year!”

Well, sorry about that.

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