Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crawfish at The Boiling Crab

Memorial Day is made for crawfish, and there’s no better place to get them than The Boiling Crab. So off we went last night in search of Cajun splendor. Right there on Beltway 8. Who knew.

As we pulled up, crowds overflowed from the tiny indoor waiting area to the sidewalk outside, and a forty-five minute wait greeted us from the hostess stand. Sigh. Fortune was smiling on us, though, because our name was called in a mere five. It’s a Memorial Day miracle!

Inside, sturdy wood tables are blanketed with butcher paper, an early indicator of the mess to come. The diminutive space is filled with kitschy nautical relics, and the mostly Asian staff scurries about, quickly catering to the diverse crowd. No sooner had we placed our order, in fact, did it show up: 2 pounds of crawfish, 3 blue crabs, sausage, corn, and potatoes, all cooked medium spicy with a cherry on top. Fine, no cherry, but we did get “the whole she-bang,” a fierce combination of the three house seasonings: Ragin’ Cajun, lemon-pepper, and garlic butter.

We ripped and tore our way through the whole lot, scavenging for meat and taking care not to touch our crying eyes with spicy fingers. All in all, the crawfish and crabs were outstanding. At $5.99/pound, they're not the cheapest offerings in town, but they’re fresh and huge, well spiced, and served red hot. Check out the carnage below!

The Boiling Crab - 8300 W Sam Houston Pkwy S (at Beechnut)


Anonymous said...

My husband and I staggered into this place in the days immediately following Ike, because it was open. But after seeing the menu, we left in search of more comforting food. (chinese dumplings, as it turned out). Just too much work at the time. We will return now that our exuberance is back. It sounds great!

Karen H said...

Can you please tell me if this place boils their seafood in crab boil (such as Zatarains) or do they just sprinkle dry seasoning over it afterward?

Ruthie Johnson said...

Karen, I'm pretty sure the crawfish is all boiled together, and then the seasoning is added to the individual orders in the plastic bags before serving. There's *plenty* of spice on the shells, but the interior meat, itself, is not quite as picante.

12halfshell said...

Hi, thanks for the tip on Boiling Crab! We went a couple of weeks ago and were blown away (took it to go, the wait on a Saturday at 6PM was 90 minutes!). I'm from New Orleans, so this sauce all over your hands thing was odd but great flavor and the medium spice was mind blowing (cannot believe there is a level above medium!).

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