Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Food Shorts

1) I never forget how much I love farmers markets, but I sometimes forget about the exceedingly happy, wonderfully relaxed feeling of Zen I get while sipping my coffee among the vendors and fresh produce. Saturday morning found me at the Midtown Farmers Market, where I indulged in an open-faced breakfast sandwich with all my favorites: Rosemary flatbread topped with garlic spread, a thick layer of eggs, gorgeous smoked salmon, shreds of lettuce, and grilled sweet onions. Dfkhgskghsdfkgh! That’s how good it was.

2) Later that day I ran into Jay Francis, food explorer, at Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen on Woodway. Jay cradled a bottle of his storied homemade Rompope with care, and we were fortunate enough to beg a taste. Upon hearing about the mixture of milk, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, and rum, I immediately assumed it would taste like eggnog, which I do like (read: loathe). But what I tasted in the Rompope was a deliciously creamy, lightly sweet custard of a drink. It was divine.

(Photo courtesy of Rompope King Jay Francis)

3) There are few places I enjoy more than La Guadalupana for breakfast. Crammed into a dilapidated triangle next to a Laundromat and corner store, the place was ravished by Hurricane Ike in 2008; the owners had no insurance, leaving patrons with a sick feeling that this Little Engine that Could just wouldn’t survive. Rightness has prevailed, though, and the storied joint reopened its doors only a few months after closing them. Insert huge sigh of relief. Owner Trancito Diaz was once a pastry chef at the Houston Country Club, so you know the breakfast sandwich -- a spicy omelet served in a flaky homemade croissant -- rules. What a great way to start the new week!

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Jay Francis said...

That rompope photo has a kind of interesting story-line to it. It was taken at Anvil. It was home-made but in the Santa Clara rompope bottle. I had bought a bottle at Spec's to use as my taste baseline as I worked on my home-made version. I came up with what I thought was a great name for a cocktail, The Throwdown, as in 'throw one down the hatch" but there wasn't a cocktail to go with the name. I showed up at Anvil with my rompope and ordered a grasshopper, with the thought of making a Cinco de Mayo drink with the green creme de menthe, the yellow rompope and sprinkles of pomegranite seeds on top. The result was very minty, not unpleasant, but not Throwdown worthy although one could throw down a lot of these easily before the alchohol hit one. Still trying to figure out my cocktail.