Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sandwiches at Carter & Cooley

Can you believe I had never been to Carter & Cooley before @SheEats met me for lunch there last week? For shame! This endearing little deli has been a Houston spectacular for twenty years.

Why? The outgoing staff claims that they craft every sandwich “as though it were the only sandwich we were going to make,” and methinks it shows. Sandwiches are large, packed with fresh-sliced meat and accoutrements, and served on thick slices of soft bread. They may be a little pricey (~$7.95), but each comes with a mound of gorgeous potato salad… Soups, too, are delicious and made in house daily. And on top of the good eats, ya get good seats, in the loveliest of historic buildings on 19th Street in the Heights. Dreamy.

Carter & Cooley – 375 W. 19th (at Ashland)


neverfull said...

what kind of soup and sandwich is shown in your photo?

Ruthie Johnson said...

It was the special of the day: A ham 'n cheese 1/2 sammich with a cup of black bean soup. The sandwich was great, but the soup was outstanding.