Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tasti D-Lite in Houston: Fact or Fiction?

Tasti D-Lite, to me, has always seemed like some fanciful, fictitious hideaway which I generally placed in the same category as Neverland, Narnia, Toontown, and Fiji... Places I float off to in my mind during stressful times. Like last week when I took an earful after my puppy pooped in someone’s yard. Eeee!

Turns out Tasti D-Lite is as real as this Gulf Coast heat. You already know the name from character obsessions on NYC-centric shows like Seinfeld and Sex & the City, and now Space City has our very own! A bubbly, colorful little shop at the corner of Post Oak and San Felipe.

Tasti D-Lite serves up close to a jabillion flavors of low-calorie frozen yogurt each day. They feature vanilla, chocolate, and four others as daily standards, but can whip up from scratch any flavor from the list of 100+ as soon as you say the word. Today’s treats included Rocky Road, Tapioca Pudding, and Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, while other days might include things like Coffee Cake, Pistachio, Brownie Batter, and German Chocolate Cake.

On top of the standard cups-n-cones, Tasti D-Lite also makes gorgeous frozen yogurt cakes in house and will start its breakfast fare (parfaits, muffins, and the like) next week. Considering I nearly fainted into a power nap walking between my backdoor and car yesterday, it’s a safe bet that I’ll throw some bidness their way. Look for the Highland Village location to open on August 15.

Tasti D-Lite – 1707 Post Oak Blvd. at San Felipe


bj.emerson said...

Great blog Ruthie. Thanks for stopping by today and providing such a gracious review and these great pics. Stay tuned for the big grand opening events for this location in the near future: http://tastidlite.com/houston

Tory said...

Oh yeah, it is amazing and just across the street from my condo! Yippee! I had the peanut butter fudge today, large at 190 calories..One thing, it is NOT yogurt at all, (just in case there are yogurt phobs out there) "Tasti D-Lite is a dairy-based soft serve frozen dessert. Not frozen yogurt, because it doesn’t contain fermented yogurt cultures. Not ice cream, because it contains less than 10% butter fat." I don't care what it is, it's just plain delicious and thanks Ruthie for blogging about it, I want my local store be across the street forever!!

Katie said...

sweet, thanks for the tip. I work right past San Felipe on West Loop, will definitely be checking this place out.

neverfull said...

ruthie, great post but you never discussed what you tasted and if it was any good. come on. inquiring minds want to know!

Ruthie Johnson said...

Ha. I like to keep it short 'n sweet :) I tried all the flavors, but went with a Rocky Road topped with Heath Bars. It was loverly!

elle kay said...

I live a few blocks down on San Felipe and have been eying it from Berry Hill for months!

Watching. Waiting. Salivating.

Thought the thing would never open. August 15? Thank you Jesus.