Friday, July 24, 2009

Huynh for President!

Good news, team -- I found my new favorite Vietnamese spot in the whole entire mother-freakin’ world! Relatively speaking, of course. It’s Huynh, a remarkable lil’ place brightening up a strip center on St. Emanuel, caddy corner to Warehouse Live. As you enter, don’t let the modern decor fool you into thinking it’s a poser. Quite the contrary, my friends. Huynh is as authentic as it gets, and full-on fantastic.

As is often the case, I was shamelessly enamored of the appetizers. The crispy summer rolls wrapped in lettuce are a dream. And the duck salad, too, is to die for: pieces of tender duck atop a bed of shredded lettuce, shrouded with a thin, tangy sauce. But the real highlight is the dish #5... Slick little spring rolls that slip-slide down with the greatest of ease, a fascinating study in the interleague play of various textures. Inside you’ll find crispy chargrilled pork paired with a flavorific combination of mint, cilantro, and lettuce, all wrapped loosely in thick, chewy noodles.

The Bun Bo Hue, a vermicelli soup with pork, beef, and lemongrass, is decent -- be sure that it arrives warm enough. Sautéed tofu in a sweet-chili sauce was yet another highlight, as was the tender chargrilled beef sittin’ pretty on a lettuce throne.

Dish after dish after dish, I fell more and more in love with the simple preparations and clean flavors. Who’s a happy little eater?! This girl!

Huynh - 912 St. Emanuel


Anonymous said...

The food is good. Sadly, the service I have received has been very poor. I have gone here 3 times. First time we were seated in the back, not given drinks for 10 minutes, food ordering took another 10, food came after 20. Not good for lunch timing. 2nd time I went alone at 1:30 and it was good. 3rd time we went at 12:45, every table around us was piled with dirty dishes and unattractive. We were completely ignored for exactly 12 minutes and then left for Calliope, a great little New Orleans po-boy place up the street.

Ruthie Johnson said...

Thanks for the heads-up. Our service was fine, but I imagine that in the future I'll be doing a lot of take-out, so can hopefully avoid similar experiences. I'm glad the food was good enough to keep you coming back -- though it sounds like that leeway has reached its limit.