Monday, September 14, 2009

Boudin Kolaches: Cajun-Czech Fusion?

I’m all kinds of Friday-tired today. And it’s only Monday. So I’m going to make like it’s the weekend and drool over this boudin kolache from the Shipley Do-Nuts on North Main (near 45), available on Saturday and Sunday only. It’s a fluffy-warm bread pocket stuffed with a tender scoop of boudin that’s just the right mix of savory ‘n spice.

As I grabbed the last one on the shelf yesterday, I had to tip my hat to the culture collision in effect. On the one hand there’s the boudin, a quintessentially Cajun invention of pork sausage and rice. And yet it arrives in kolache, a deliciously Czechoslovakian vessel. The resulting package makes me believe in globalization. And long for the Olympics kinda. This bad boy will surely find a regular place in my dreams and my belly. Good thing I live nearby.

Thanks @sharonmoves for the rec!

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