Friday, September 4, 2009

School Daze: Delicious Learning

It seems like just yesterday I was thinking about allllll the tiiiiiiime I had on my hands to get things done this summer. Well that bubble burst when I started school again a month ago. [Gasp!] That’s right -- August 3rd, fools. Let’s check out how I did food wise:

-- Find the best soup dumplings in Houston – CHECK
-- Find the best pho in Houston – CHECK
-- Try a million taco places – CHECK, CHECK, and CHECK.
-- Grab a burger at Hubcap Grill – Curses. Never made it.

Somewhere in there I had a lot of fun. Also? I made the terrifying discovery that relish at Wrigley Field looks like fluorescent goo from someone’s stomach lining, a Harvey Keitel movie, or the farthest reaches of space. I wonder if it can eat through diamonds.

I’m still struggling to come up for air this school year, but am getting there. As always, I’m thinking of all the ways I can incorporate food into the classroom. Our first initiative, which started today, is creating a Melting Pot Cookbook with recipes from the various regions we study. Each student brings in a recipe and an associated paragraph designed to entice. Next week we’ll sample each dish after reading the paragraph to assess whether or not they used the right imagery to capture the recipe’s spirit. Mmmmm... Loquacious and delicious!

Due next week are the Latin American ones, so I’m hoping for all their double-secret family recipes for mole, posole, and empanadas. I’ll keep you posted. Arriba!

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Ctbean said...

what a great idea! I had a student give me a homemade Guatemalan flan last year on the last day so I wasn't able to get the recipe!