Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best App Ever? Quite Possibly.

My sister-in-law and her culinary Hercules of a mother win the award for Best Thing I Have Eaten at a Holiday Party this year. A coveted trophy, I know. Anyway, it’s Brie -- with dulce de leche. Great Jeebus! Why have we never thought of this before?! Simple, beautiful, and mind-blowingly delicious, this alluring app draws people in like a siren song on crack. For reals. Add it to the bar, buffet, or coffee table of your choosing to impress guests with your gastronomic genius. Party on, my friends!

Sweet Brie with Pecans
-- Slide a round of Brie onto a serving plate.
-- Spread a generous amount of dulce de leche evenly on top.
-- Garnish with toasted pecans in a fancy-schmancy pattern.
-- Serve at room temperature with the wafers of your choice.
-- Stand alongside your creation to accept the praise forthcoming.

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten at an event this year? As the holiday season prepares for its culminating events, perhaps someone will compile these goodies into a festive pantheon of savory and sweet delights and INVITE ME over to chow.

A Festivus miracle, indeed.