Monday, January 18, 2010

Hubcap Grill: The Burger as Art

I’m no burger expert. I prolly eat about five burgers a year -- or definitely fewer than ten. I just don’t crave them like so many of you ravenous beef hunters do. I mean, they’re good and all, but so’s macaroni and cheese. Sheesh.

Within minutes of opening, Hubcap Grill, the diminutive downtown burger joint, had a slew of supporters and longer lines than the MFAH on free day. It was everyone’s favorite new place, nearly universally loved. The patties! The toppings! The composition! But come ON -- It’s *just* a burger, I thought to myself, though was secretly intrigued by anyone that could artfully combine burger with Frito Pie. [chin scratch]

Wouldntcha know. This past Saturday morning I tweeted that I was looking forward to my first ever visit to Hubcap Grill, and immediately received a dozen responses, most of which explained that I had to get this burger or that burger, be sure to try the fries, and don’t forget to say hi to Ricky, the amiable owner. Inspired by the outpouring of Hubcap evangelism, my excitement grew as I silently hoped my expectations weren’t growing out of control. It’s *just* a burger, I privately reminded myself.

Turns out, these are not *just* burgers. They are meaty buns of art, the carnivorous form of Monet’s Water Lilies, a Picasso among impostors. I loved the bacon cheeseburger with its thin patty that creates the ideal ratio between grilled meat and chopped toppings. I loved the Philly Cheese Steak burger, crowned with thin-sliced ribeye steak and melted Swiss cheese. I loved the buns, lightly toasted to offer just the right crunch. And I loved the atmosphere, which melds families, yupsters, athletes, hipsters, youngsters, old folks, Americans and non, and people from all walks of life, all gnoshing content in close comfort. What a delicious palette.

My 2010 burger total just might double.


oberata said...

Oh gawd. Drool happening. Well done. Must visit! thx JT

Anonymous said...

my love Hubcap knows no bounds! well, the fact that I am trying to lose about 5 pounds means I haven't yet had one in 2010, but it will be my great reward on the horizon.

so glad we converted you!