Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do Busier Bees Make Better Honey?

To say that life has been busy is like saying gravy tastes good, an understatement so comical that it was even difficult to type. With the school year hitting its home stretch, plus holidays, baseball games, weekend jaunts, out-of-town visitors, wedding planning, TAKS prep, food festivals, and more, I’ve had little time to engage in the one activity that simultaneously stimulates and calms me: Writing.

Well that’s only partially true. I have been writing twice-weekly posts for Eating Our Words, the Houston Press’s hodge-podge food blog. Regular food writing has proven to be fun. Since I only post twice a week, it hasn’t completely overwhelmed me -- but it has encouraged me to do/see/taste more and to hone my writing skillz. And because a few of you have complained that it’s harder to find my posts now, here are links to a few of my favorites. Just in case you’re interested.

Street Vendor Blues
A look at why Houston’s so slow to adopt the food truck movement

Brennan’s Houston
A first taste of the venerable restaurant after its grand reopening

Road Food Rules
A glance at a recent trip to New Orleans for the Road Food Festival

Beloved Brenham
Great places to eat in Brenham, a TX town that’s close to my heart

Celestial Sandwiches
My 25 favorite sammiches in Houston

Battle Falafel
A head-to-head taste test of two respected falafel places in town


Dorothy said...

That bowl of Pho looks mighty familiar, missy!

Seriously, love your posts on any subject whatever!

Ruthie Johnson said...

Oh, Dorothy! I hope it doesn't hurt too badly :( Have you found a pho place in SoCaro that's anywhere near comparable?