Monday, June 28, 2010

Spotlighting the Locals

Growing up in Houston we feasted on Luby’s, queso, and fast food, but these days you could truly host a dinner party made almost entirely of foods produced within a 100-mile radius of Houston. The number of farmers markets and local vendors in the Houston area has virtually exploded over the past decade as more and more chefs and patrons want to know both the source of the foods they purchase -- and the makers, themselves.

Below are some of the Local Spotlight posts I’ve written recently for Eating Our Words. These have quickly become my favorite posts to research and write, as each vendor has such a unique story to tell: Some joined the trade out of basic necessity, while others did it for personal satisfaction or consider it a family tradition. But regardless of roots, each vendor highlights the inherent joys of working in and serving the local community. They've become richly fulfilled... Now, if only that paid the bills.

These posts have also, ahemmmm, helped my eating habits, as I’ve tried to incorporate more and more local foods in my own diet. Feelin’ good!

Produce from Wood Duck Farm:

Poultry and meats from Jolie Vue:

Heritage meats from Revival:

Drinks from Katz Coffee:

Olive oil from Texas Hill Country Olive Company:

Eggs from Hattermann's Farm:

Macarons from Maison Burdisso:

Cheese from the Houston Dairymaids:

Cured meats from The Grateful Bread:

Gelato from Trentino:

Houston restaurants with gardens:

Got any suggestions for future spotlights? I’m all ears!