Thursday, November 11, 2010

Delicious Assistance for Thanksgiving

Preparing an entire Thanksgiving meal on your own can be scarier than snakes, Marilyn Manson, and politics. In that sense, it’s nice to have help with at least a component or two. Here are a few ideas for those of you looking to take it a little easier this holiday.

If you need help with the star of the show, try a smoked turkey from Wood Duck Farm. The farm-raised birds are brined with salt and molasses; then they’re trussed, stuffed, and smoked with Red Oak that's picked fresh from the backyard. You can choose from 1) unstuffed, 2) stuffed with apples, thyme, and rosemary, or 3) stuffed with cilantro, lime, and jalapeno peppers. Sound good? Just place your order online, then pick up the turkey on Tuesday 11/23 at the Rice University farmers market or on Wednesday 11/24 at the City Hall farmers market. Turkeys come in three sizes and price points:

-- A 10-12 lb. dressed bird is $42
-- A 12-14 lb. dressed bird is $49
-- A 16-18 lb. dressed bird is $63

Or maybe you’ve got the dinner down, but can’t even think about dessert. In that case, pastry chef extraordinaire Rebecca Masson is ready to help. This year she’s offering a fabulous pecan pie with an outrageous shortbread crust and a side of philanthropy. Pies cost $25, with $5 of that going directly to the Corridor Rescue program. Order your pies online; then pick them up on Tuesday 11/23 or Wednesday 11/24 (between 12 noon and 5 p.m.) at the Natural Paws store at 514 W 19th Street in the Heights. Deliciously sweet and sinfully easy.

And if you *really* need help this Thanksgiving, you can pick up pretty much anything on the list of traditional Thanksgiving favorites at Central Market. Less fun, maybe -- but also less stress, giving you more time to make hand turkeys and pilgrim hats.

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