Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Latest Obsession: Latin Bites Café

Houston’s economy is squarely on track. At least that’s what the recent influx of new restaurants would have us believe. But hidden among the mediocre, the standard, and the just plain gimmicky is the Latin Bites Café, my low-key new favorite and a shining beacon of a culinary gem.

Latin Bite Café is Peruvian by birth, but compiles its menu with clear influences from all of South America, plus a little Asia, and even some Africa thrown in for good measure. How’s that? Well, most of what you’ll find is South American in nature — like the thick empanadas encasing tender meats and veggies that arrive alongside two bright dipping sauces. But stir-fries conjure up the Asian, and meaty stews offer a taste of Africa.

Dishes are fun and fresh. The technicolored ceviches are stunningly great, different from any I’ve had. Almost nightly I dream about the ceviche mixto, a plate of marinated shrimp, octopus, and fish, served with tender hunks of sweet potato and giant kernels of Peruvian corn; just add the zingy-zang of a sauce and stir to combine.

And while my menu standbys are clear favorites, I’m just as enamored by the daily specials. A recent lobster club sandwich at lunchtime remains freshly etched in my memory, and a decidedly decadent lobster risotto topped with beautifully pink strips of filet mignon was unsane — that’s right, unsane — as delicious as it was distinct.

The tiny Latin Bites space is BYOB and fills quick like lightning, so be sure to make a reservation if you go. It’s a sparse dining area that reverberates with laughter and care, great for a working lunch, a casual date, or a night out with friends. Enjoy!


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Nishta said...

I love this place, too! have only been once but meaning to go back--vibe was great, food was fantastic and so reasonably priced considering it was some of the freshest, most inventive food I've eaten in Houston recently.

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Anonymous said...

Latin Bites Café is really nice place to enjoy food. I would like to visit the place, can I get opening hours.

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